About Kroonpak

Kroonpak is the new brand on the packaging market but our roots date back to 1990, when printing plant Kroonpress was launched. During these years, Kroonpress has grown to be one of the leading offset printers in all of the Baltics and Scandinavia.

As a branch of Kroonpress, our knowledge and long-time experience enables Kroonpak to offer the same level of quality and reliability in packaging production as Kroonpress has been well known for on the publication market. Originally newspaper printers, we know the true meaning of the words “urgent” and “must”. We deliver to seven destination countries in Europe.


Shaped by excellence and effortlessly reliable, we want to serve in the background when everything flows, but be right there if action is needed.

Educated employees with deep knowledge of materials, technologies and legal requirements guarantee that your package is produced in the most sustainable and food-safe way according to the most up-to-date knowledge.

Our aspiration is to be not only a supplier, but an expert partner to all our customers, helping to resolve the challenges faced by the packaging market today.

Our heritage

1990 was a turbulent time for Estonia, which was still fighting for independence. Our parent company, newspaper Postimees was privatised when the Postimees management realised that building their own printing plant was unavoidable. Kroonpress was founded on 26th March 1990. Since then, we have grown rapidly to become the leading publication printer in the Baltics.

In 2021, Kroonpress rebuilt part of its production space for food packaging production and received the FSSC 22000 standard certification. An investment of nearly 10 million euros was made for purchasing modern technologies to produce high-end packaging products. Our present and future customers are always welcome to visit us and take a look at our processes!


Environment and sustainability have been a focus of ours for a long time. Since 2012, all of our electricity has come only from renewable sources. Kroonpress was also the first printer in Estonia to regularly publish environmental reports. Concurrently, we launched greenlineprint.com carbon footprint calculator for our customers to find out the CO2 emissions of their products. Since then, thousands of labels have been issued and hundreds of millions copies of publication prints have been labelled. In 2021, greenlinepackage.com, the analogue for the packaging industry, was introduced. In September 2022, Kroonpress was recognised for its environmental work by being named the first ever winner of the Green Dot Award, launched by one of the world’s leading press manufacturers Koenig & Bauer.

Reducing your carbon footprint starts with knowing the size of it. Usually, it is an aggregate of the components of a company’s activities. Greenlinepackage.com helps our customers find out the carbon emissions of their packages. Most accurate for fibre-based substrates, greenlinepackage.com shows how emissions are divided between materials used, energy and transportation. Printed as a QR code on the package, our label gives quick access to all the relevant data simply by scanning it with a smartphone. All the emissions are calculated as cradle-to-gate. Our method complies with the ISO 16759:2013 standard and has been verified by Bureau Veritas.


Kroonpak, as part of Kroonpress, holds several quality and sustainability certificates as proof of our well-functioning management systems: ISO 14001, FSC, PEFC, FSSC 22000. These are available to download in .pdf file format below. More information is available upon request.