Our work

PTV Gym boxes

Aquaphor filter bottle boxes

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Reedest reed straw boxes

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Rimi trout fillet sleeves

Nõo sleeves

Rõngu Pagar sleeves Kräsupea

KFC cold drink cups 400 and 560 ml

VLND Burger cheerful burger boxes

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Coffee cup I Belong With Paper, double wall 360 ml / 12 oz

Atria Maks & Moorits sleeves

Heimon trout bites sleeves

Maxima sleeves

Lõuna Pagarid bakery bags

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Branded cups 240 ml / 8 oz with single and double wall

Kebab Stop burger pockets

Helen cereal boxes

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Branded cups and buckets

Vapiano paper pag

Linnamäe food box with window

PTV Gym self-adhesive labels

Piletilevi tickets with fluorescent varnish

MySushi cup lids

Paper bags in various sizes

KFC wrapping papers

Apotheka vitamin box

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Aquaphor water filter boxes

MySushi clamshell sushi boxes

KFC food box for children

Apollo coffee cup with double wall 12 OZ

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Branded paper bags in various sizes

KFC food box

KFC bowl 43 OZ

KFC clamshell burger box

C&C gift boxes for champagne and glasses

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Pühaste beverage gift boxes

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KFC bucket 130 OZ

Apollo gift cards

Apollo popcorn boxes in various sizes

MySushi clamshell sushi boxes

Vapiano paper bags with windows

KFC cups & buckets Christmas edition

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KFC pockets, boxes, bowls and cups

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MySushi cup lids WSB

Paper trays various shapes

Apollo gift card box

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KFC pockets for fries

KFC food tray

Apollo Halloween popcorn box

Self-adhesive blank label rolls

Pühaste beverage labels

KFC Boxmaster pockets

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Paper bags