From labels to folding cartons, from paper bags to cups, we offer production not usually found under the same roof. Three printing technologies – offset, flexo and digital – combined with a number of converting options give a wide variety of packaging types.


Our product excellence is achieved using high-end machinery and precision tools. We buy our dies, stamping tools and other consumables from the most reputable suppliers in the market to ensure the best achievable accuracy and productivity. Everything we utilise is tested, checked and confirmed for safe use of our products.

Our production premises are regularly checked and audited for sanitation and safety. When producing several types of packaging in the same building, it’s easy to perform cross-product colour management to reproduce the same colours without visible deviation between products or batches. This way, your labels and boxes or paper cups will always look the same.

Design and prototyping

Smart designs

Smart designs, safety, ease of use and sustainability are the guidelines to modern packaging. However, not everything will be market-ready from the get-go. It takes time, effort and many prototypes before the perfect result is achieved.

Physical prototyping

In addition to 3D computer modelling, Kroonpak offers physical prototyping using digital printing and cutting. Having wide range of substrate and grammage samples, we provide a “touch and feel” experience for customers so they can choose the best final product. Our creative designers are at your disposal to help you with the craziest ideas, if necessary.


We keep the environment in mind. Therefore, sizing down or eliminating plastic use and striving towards the smaller footprint and recyclability of our products are our first and obvious choices. Whenever you need help to redesign your packages so that they are more environmentally friendly, we will be ready to share our expertise.

Product packing

For some projects, packaging ready-made products is obviously simple; however, especially for industrial customers, packaging plays an important role and needs to be done exactly according to the customer’s needs and equipment. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll pack accordingly.

Storage and logistics

As an export company, we have curated a network of reliable logistic partners over the years. We have long experience in transporting periodicals regionally as well as overseas (usually time critical missions with an obligatory high success rate). Single-order delivery in multiple batches is also available to a certain extent, depending on current storage space availability.

Prepress support

In order to ensure perfect results, every print file must be 100% compatible with the print technology used. Our skilled prepress personnel are always ready to make the necessary adjustments, but it is even better when the technical requirements are followed beforehand. See here our Prepress guidelines and recommendations.