Cups, Buckets & Bowls

Paper cups are available in various sizes, plus double wall options for hot drinks. Bowls and buckets are available from 900 to 3600 ml.

A full range of cups, bowls and buckets is at your service.
There are single wall cups mainly used for cold drinks, including the option to add a double wall for hot drinks like coffee or tea. Bowls and buckets are well suited for salads, fried food and side dishes. They are also perfect for popcorn, cookies and other sweet and salty snacks. Custom-printed paper cups and bowls are great brand ambassadors that stand out and draw attention.

Branded paper cups and buckets are also excellent at engaging and uplifting your customers seasonally: a special edition print for Halloween, Easter, Christmas and other suitable occasions. Depending on the specific foods and beverages and the biodegradability goals of the packaging, PE-coated or dispersion coated materials can be used. PEFC or FSC materials, Food Safety Declarations and our Greenline Package carbon footprint label are all available upon request.

Cups and buckets

Cup 240 ml / 8 oz + double wall option

Cup 330 ml

Cup 360 ml / 12 oz + double wall option

Cup 400 ml + double wall option

Cup 560 ml + double wall option

Bowl 900 ml

Features & Solutions

  • Cupstock material
  • Print in up to 9 colours


  • PE-laminated or dispersion barrier-coated stock

We serve the following sectors

  • Food and beverages
  • Fast food
  • HoReCa