Prepress guidelines

Packaging prepress instructions are an essential aspect of the packaging design and manufacturing process. Following the guidelines and specifications are crucial for proper printing and manufacturing of packaging materials.

Guidelines and recommendations

  • We accept PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4 files
  • Document size is set to final print size (die line size)
  • Bleed at least 2 mm
  • Image resolutions 300 dpi
  • CMYK or grayscale or SPOT colours (no RGB colours in objects or images)
  • Max ink coverage 300% (depends on colour profile)
  • For deeper black effect for larger objects, we suggest using rich black colour combination C=50 M=40 Y=40 K=100
  • All fonts are included/embedded or outlined
  • Use 8 point or bigger texts (or text height more than 2 mm, or minimum line width more than 0.3 mm)
  • Small black texts and objects with overprint and 100K (not rich black)
  • No overprint for light text or object over darker background
  • Important texts are at least 2 mm from cut/crease lines
  • Barcodes 100K or preferably in single colour
  • All postpress finishing elements (foiling, cut lines, crease, spotUV etc.) should be on separate layer or as a spot colour
  • Filenames should contain design name, product type and measurements, version number and client design code (if available) and by double-sided prints also information about the sides (outside and inside), for example:
  • In case the double-sided print files are sent as a single file, the designs should be on separate pages. The outer side should be on page 1, marked as ‘outside’ and the inner side on page 2, marked as ‘inside’.

Guidelines for EAN barcodes

Here some guidelines for the dimensions of barcodes on the products: see the EAN13 Barcode Image Specifications.

Additional packaging guidelines

Here some useful links from ECMA (European Carton Makers Association)

Page of Tehnical Guidelines:
Direct link to the Technical Guidelines brochure:

Page of Braille Guidelines:
Direct link to the Braille Guidelines brochure:

Samples produced with the Demo printing machine

It’s important to note that samples produced with the Demo printing machine are intended for reference purposes only and may not accurately reflect the print impression or tonality of the final production equipment. These samples are not manufactured to printing standards, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that the sample and the final product will appear similar.

Need more help?

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