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Packaging design

Packaging design: inventive, whimsical gift box for Pühaste Brewery

This year we were tasked with creating a one-of-a-kind packaging solution for Pühaste beers: a four-in-one kaleidoscope gift box showcasing Marge Nelk’s widely recognised and loved artistry. We were delighted to partner with a like-minded company in innovation and openness.

The creation of a unique packaging solution involves many steps; prototyping and testing the concept are inevitable. To make these processes run as efficiently as possible, Kroonpak factory employs high-level machinery and equipment, resulting in lifelike prototyping and successful testing.

Four beer pockets make up this particular packaging design, which utilises an integrated slit lock system to secure the cans in place. As the packaging is folded and refolded in each direction, new illustrations are revealed across the larger and smaller surfaces of the box.

Packaging design shares the stage with taste when it comes to sales, so brand image is important. The idea to display Pühaste Brewery’s famous artwork on a canvas larger than the 33 ml can was therefore a brilliant expression of the Pühaste brand, in addition to being a further step in the artistic revolution that beer labels have undergone in the past decade.

Kroonpak’s masters of sustainable design made this project come to life. Packaging Designer Meeri Krass has no shortage of fresh ideas and is an artist in her own right. An advocate for long-lasting packaging with a purpose beyond the initial delivery of the product, Meeri’s packaging design gives new meaning to marketing space.

I can’t accept the idea of packaging as just an item to be thrown away.

Meeri Krass / Packaging Designer

Take a glimpse into this packaging design process:

Just as the presentation of a plate of food influences our enjoyment of the food, so do we drink with our eyes first. And this packaging design allows you to do just that.

Elevate your brand with our innovative packaging design and prototyping services. Reach out now to see how we can help!

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