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Food packaging

Kroonpak is the KFC CEE Supplier of the Year!

We are very proud and happy for a new recognition: another KFC CEE award! If last year we were an outstanding newcomer, this time already the Supplier of the Year!

The award was given at the KFC CEE SCM Franchisee & Supplier annual conference, where the company summarizes the past year, presents market developments and sets new goals and visions.

At KFC, the environmental sustainability is held high, large part of the conference agenda was devoted to these topics and ESG initiatives with focus areas discussed. For packaging, Yum! Brands group has set clear goals such as eliminating unnecessary packaging, reducing the use of plastic and virgin plastic content, supporting the recycling systems and investing in circularity.

Regarding the paper and cardboard, already years ago the Yum! group has set goals to use only materials from responsibly managed forests and recycled sources. Kroonpress has both PEFC and FSC® certificates, and we have been able to deliver products with the required label from the beginning of the cooperation.

In the picture: Kroonpress CEO Andres Kull, Sales Manager Angela Ilus and Supply Chain Manager KFC Baltics & Finland Vytenis Šniokaitis.

The award once again highlighted our excellent cooperation capabilities, flexibility and high-quality products. We produce a full range of paper and cardboard packaging for KFC CEE, from tiny French fries bags, larger tray and wrapping papers, various cardboard pockets and boxes to paper cups and buckets.

In addition to the regular packaging items, we are always happy to test new products together with our customers. Recently we manufactured these lovely small packages for hot sweet pies for KFC. The packaging is convenient to use, can be easily folded and re-opened, and includes right size holes necessary for hot food. When testing the functionality of the package, it turned out that these pies with apple or berry filling are also very tasty 😉.

It is a great pleasure to work with partners who understand the needs of consumers and strive to offer them the best quality in both food and packaging.

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