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Kroonpak & The Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ blog post, where we’ve compiled a range of commonly asked questions to provide you with a short and quick overview of our products and services. We hope you’ll find the answers you seek. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here or on other pages on our website, feel free to contact us for assistance!

  • What is Kroonpak?

Kroonpak is the name of the packaging production branch of Kroonpress AS, one of the leaders in the printing industry in the Baltics with customers across Europe. The word “kroon” holds a dual meaning in Estonian language as it refers to both a currency and a symbol of royalty, the crown. The brand name Kroonpak is also a registered trademark since 03.10.2022.

  • Where are you located?

Our factory and headquarters are located in Tartu, Estonia, which is the second largest city in the country. Situated in the southern region, it’s approximately a two-hour drive from the capital city of Tallinn. Estonia is located between Finland to the north and Latvia to the south. See where we are on the map: Kroonpak location.

  • What type of packages do you manufacture?

Kroonpak division was created to offer sustainable, safe and innovative packaging with the main focus on food packaging (HoReCa, FMCG). Additionally, we supply pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and produce packaging for a wide variety of other consumer goods. Our product range consists of carton boxes, trays and sleeves; drinking cups single or double wall and bowls and buckets; paper bags and wrapping papers; labels, stickers, variable and other smaller prints. With all four product groups manufactured under one roof, it is convenient to have them delivered from a single location.

  • Do you offer customised products, or you mainly supply standard items?

Our focus is on customised products that can be tailored to the unique specifications of each customer. However, in addition to our custom offerings, we provide a selection of standardised product formats. This enables customers to easily match their designs with the provided layouts, facilitating a prompt start to production as soon as the design is confirmed.

  • What materials do you use?

We strive to provide packaging solutions that are not only functional but also environmentally conscious. Therefore, our strong focus is on sustainable and recyclable materials such as cardboard and kraft paper. Depending on the packaging type, designs, and customer requirements, various options like plastic films, coatings, or laminates can be used to impart moisture resistance or enhance durability. In many cases, plastic can be replaced, and we are always delighted to offer our customers more sustainable alternatives, including PLA, dispersion barriers, paper-based windows and more. Our label production uses a wide range of materials, including top-coated paper, PE, PP, OPP, BOPP, and others.
We do not offer packaging from corrugated cardboard, but we are more than happy to provide you with solutions using alternative cardboard materials that meet your specific needs and preferences.

  • What technologies do you use?

Our printing capabilities encompass a range of advanced machinery, including state-of-the-art offset, flexographic, and digital printing technologies, ensuring top-notch quality and precision for all your packaging printing requirements. Depending on the product type and materials, the best printing option and corresponding machinery will be chosen. This includes various die-cutting machines and devices, folding, erecting and gluing machines (including window patching), equipment to produce pre-formed and cone-shaped carton products and machines for bag production.

  • Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

With our advanced machinery we have been able to reduce manual work to the minimum and therefore can efficiently handle larger orders. Therefore, the minimum order quantities usually start from thousands of pieces and the first price breakpoints lie around 5 000 and 10 000 pcs. However, the prices can vary depending on the specific product type and size. Feel free to contact us and we’ll find the most suitable solution for your business.

  • Can you help with packaging design and prototyping?

Yes, we are glad to help you make this happen. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance an existing concept, we offer full support throughout the design and prototyping process. Here you can also find a short overview of the main prepress requirements including useful links to other helpful websites, read more:

  • Do you have a food safety certificate?

Yes, we hold the FSSC 22000, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certificate. Food safety is a topic we are very considerate about. Our packaging production unit was built specifically with food safety in mind and only approved materials to produce food packaging are used. This includes not only the base materials, but also a range of suitable printing inks, glues etc. Read more about the certificate here:
Additionally, we also hold ISO 14001 environmental management certificate since 2001 and FSC® and PEFC certificates that stand for responsible management of the world’s forests.

  • What is The Declaration of Conformity and why is this important?

A Declaration of Conformity or Declaration of Compliance (DoC) is a formal statement issued by a manufacturer to affirm that its product adheres to the applicable regulations and standards. In the food industry, this document serves as tangible evidence that you are partnering with a supplier who complies with food safety and product quality requirements. It’s a verification affirming the producer’s use of authorized raw materials, implementation of a HACCP system, and regular performance of migration tests, among other essential measures. Regarding the product itself, this document includes information on the intended use, such as the specific food types for which the packaging is designed, as well as the recommended time and temperature for storage to ensure optimal freshness and safety. As a certified FSSC company, we can provide you with the necessary packaging documents.

  • Can you calculate the CO2 footprint of my package?

Yes, exactly for this purpose we have introduced our own label called Greenline Package that helps our customers find out the carbon emissions of their packages. Most accurate for fibre-based substrates, shows how emissions are divided between materials used, energy and transportation. Printed as a QR code on the package, our label gives quick access to all the relevant data simply by scanning it with a smartphone. All the emissions are calculated as cradle-to-gate. Our method complies with the ISO 16759:2013 standard and has been verified by Bureau Veritas. Read more:

  • Which countries can you deliver to?

Our focus lies on delivering to Scandinavia and various countries in Europe. However, we can ship to countries outside this region as well. Contact us to find out the most convenient logistic solution to your location.

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